Creating My Story

If there was such a thing, I would consider myself a perfectionist. My parents expected As and Bs from my sister and me during my childhood and nothing less. They are the type of parents that want the best for their children and are very understanding, but when it came to academics that was a top priority. I can recall getting an A- and hearing “What happened to the rest of the points?” inquiring about why I did not receive an A or the times I got straight As and heard “Well you did it once so we know it’s possible.” Since then academics has always been my focus. So much so that I graduated undergrad with one B and contemplated retaking the class. Now in my adulthood, perhaps this has affected me in the professional setting. I strive to do everything for everyone. I am one to receive praise due to being a team player, being detail-oriented, and always submitting tasks on time. With this, also comes additional tasks as my supervisors are aware I am reliable and “Bailey can get it done.” I am proud of my work ethic, but not proud of the challenges that come with it. 

I am tired. 

I have learned that I cannot do everything as much as I try to. I hear this from my colleagues and supervisors. In every evaluation I have had, the topic of creating a balance between work and personal has come about.

I begin to ask myself, “How is a balance possible?”

From living and working on campus and receiving emails, calls, and texts all throughout the day even when off, it is hard to create a balance and when one tries to, they suddenly don’t have “visibility” or is “never around,” but I must also realize that the tiredness I am feeling is also coming from my actions as well.

Published by vicksthesis

We have reached the finish line! Well... almost! This academic year 2021-2022, will be my last year of graduate school with the English Writing Studies Program! So stay connected and follow me on my thesis journey!

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