The Continuation

I could sit here and write my final blog post with a plethora of hopes, wishes, and dreams that I have over winter break regarding my thesis journey but I also want to be realistic. This semester was not my greatest academically and personally. I encountered mental health challenges more than I expected especially being that I completed my first year of graduate school virtual and did well. Unfortunately, I did not experience the same outcome this semester and with that, I want to take the break to still focus on my thesis but also on myself. I share Hugo’s sentiments that “The constant self-degrading thinking, isolation and almost absent-presence has helped me realize what it is I might want in life after this – happiness in solitude.” This sentence touched me as this semester I realized how often I depend on others for my own happiness. There’s so much that I need to work on within myself and my confidence and I hope that winter break allows me to do so. I still work full-time and with my position, I am “off” per se from December 24, 2021, through January 1, 2021, as long as I am not on call. Thankfully, I am not. With this, I aim to take December 20, 2021, until January 2, 2021, for myself and my well-being. Whether that’s journaling, rediscovering who I am, or partaking in activities I once enjoyed I want to add it to my list. I go back into the office on January 3, 2021, and being that I will be on a nine-to-five schedule I believe this presents the perfect opportunity to pick up my thesis work. Being that this semester wasn’t the greatest, I need to put energy into my thesis before the spring semester starts. I do not want to abandon it and come back in the same position of feeling lost that I am in now. Over break, I aim to work on figuring out how to include my personal experiences regarding work-life balance into my thesis. I have encountered so many challenges and I think reflecting on what has occurred cured will not be strenuous but rather enjoyable as I also get to view what should not occur for next semester. Addiitonally, I would like to create a solidified outline for my thesis. Knowing me, things will change but I need to begin somewhere. Having numerous ideas floating around will not be helpful. I find that it will hinder me in getting started. I need a solid plan to follow until I begin the revision process during the spring semester. Lastly, with only having a few students approved to reside on campus during break, there should not be too many incidents *knocks on wood.* With this, I aim to begin thinking of interview questions and potentially conducting a few interviews. They do not have to be perfect but it’ll permit me to get a feel of things and what needs to be altered. I find that these are realistic goals and at the end of the day, I must put faith and confidence in myself and know that I can accomplish this. Winter break will not necessarily be a “break” but rather a continuation.

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We have reached the finish line! Well... almost! This academic year 2021-2022, will be my last year of graduate school with the English Writing Studies Program! So stay connected and follow me on my thesis journey!

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