A Four-Day Week

I can say that the four-day week was very much needed! For the first time in months, I was able to genuinely rest and sleep in. I had the time to celebrate my mother’s wedding with my family and not focus on work for once. This does not come often and I believe my mind and body began to confuse itself as I was getting the days of the week mixed up. 

Although I am appreciative of the time off, a part of me now feels guilty. As we start a new week and I prepare for classes, I realized that I did not get much done regarding my thesis. Thankfully, Spring Break is coming next week. I still will have to work, but the majority of the students will not be in the residence halls so hopefully (fringes crossed), I will not have too many incidents and meetings to attend to. With this, I am hopeful that I will be able to begin conducting interviews.  Thankfully, I have still been journaling, so I’ll also begin to see what snips and pieces I want to take from my journal to input into my opener/closer. I recently received an email with my subject as “Are you s stressed- out supervisor” and the body including “If you’ve felt stressed, exhausted, or even burned out in the past year, we’re here for you.” Perhaps, this email is telling him to get a move on my thesis.

Published by vicksthesis

We have reached the finish line! Well... almost! This academic year 2021-2022, will be my last year of graduate school with the English Writing Studies Program! So stay connected and follow me on my thesis journey!

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